Calamari Frito                  $12.                     Croquetas de Jamon    $8.              Cuban Nachos                    $11.

lightly battered fried calamari served            croquettes filled with herbed                 plantain chips with picadillo

with our sweet and spicy sauce and                ground ham                                                    and all the sides

pepperoncini aioli

   Empanadas       $8                          Camarones al Ajillo       $13.            Papa Rellanas        $7    
3 to choose from:   picadillo  or                          
 pan-roasted garlic shrimp                   potato ball stuffed with beef
spinach & manchego cheese or chicken  

                                                                                        Chorizo a la Plancha    $10.              Cold Antipasto     $12.

                                                                                       grilled spanish sausage                               salami, prosciutto, provolone,

Chicharon de Pollo       $8.                                                                                                        roasted & cherry peppers,

chicken lollipops                                                     Masitas de Puerco           $10.                 and marinated mushrooms

                                                                                       twice-cooked pork chunks

Pork Wings                         $10.                              

appetizer size seasoned pork shanks              Tostones con Picadillo $10.

                                                                                       fried plantains with picadillo

Ensaladas y Sopas

Ensalada con Mango y Pina     $10.                Ensalada Cesar          $10.                  Ensalada de Aguacate   $6.

mixed greens with mango & pineapple                   ceasar salad ~ add chicken   $4.              avocado salad

Ensalada a Mi Manera                   $11.                Caprese Salad               $11.                   Soup of the Day                $5.

mixed green, avocado, tomatoes, red onions           fresh mozzarella, tomato, basil



(add cheese to any sandwich for $1.)

Cuban Sandwich             $12.                                        Cuban Steak Sandwich                 $12.        Nephew Anthony’s Cuban Croissant  $10.

layers of roasted pork, ham, swiss cheese,mustard,             palomilla steak with raw onions, potato                    picadillo on a croissant

and pickles on Cuban bread                                                        sticks and ketchup on Cuban bread                 

Media Noche                     $10.                                        Cuban Pork Sandwich  $10.                             Frita Cubana       $10.

smaller version of the Cuban                                                     add swiss cheese if so desired                                         the original Cuban burger

Sandwich on sweet bread                                                                                                                                                              ground beef/pork, raw onions

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 and ketchup   


Rice                                          $3.                    Yuca con Mojo  $5.                Congri                          $6.

Cuban style white rice                                   boiled yuca with mojo                    rice & black beans

Tostones con Mojo   $5.                   Yuca Frita           $5.                   Frijoles                         $3.

fried plantains with mojo                             fried yuca                                            black beans

Maduros                      $5.                   Papas Fritas       $5.                 Meatballs (two)  $6.

sweet plantains                                                 french fries

Vegetable of the day  $6.                 Mariquitas        $4.                 Angel hair pasta $5.

                                                                                Cuban plantain chips


*Entrees served with choice of Rice and Beans or Congri

Sharing Charge $6.

Pollo Criollo                                 $17.                            Cuban Bistec Empanizado*  $21.       

half of a roasted chicken with lime and garlic                         breaded palomilla steak


                                                                                                   Lechon Asado*                         $18.

Pollo a la Plancha*                     $18.                           roasted pork Cuban style 

grilled chicken breast smothered with onions                    

                                                                                                                                    Lechoncito                                              $24.

Cuban Pollo Empanizado*     $19.                            house specialty roast pork shank - served

breaded chicken cutlet steak                                                      with white rice and salad

Churrasco*                                 $26                         Camarones Enchilados          $24.

grilled skirt steak with our chimichurri sauce                         shrimp in creole sauce


Ropa Vieja*                                    $22.                            Paella Cubana                            $28.

twice-cooked pulled flank steak                                                   savory spanish rice with shrimp, scallops, 

                                                                                                   mussels and clams                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Picadillo                                                   $15.      

               ground beef Cuban style served with white                      Pargo Frito                                  $24.         

   rice                                                                                                              whole fried red snapper served with potatoes


Vaca Frita                                       $24.                            Salmon                                          $23.

shredded flank steak marinated in lime and                             served on a bed of sautéed spinach with a

garlic and then seared until crispy ~                                                 touch of garlic

 salpicon & white rice

                                                                                                   Rabo Encendido*                    $22.

Cuban Palomilla Steak*           $21.                            tender braised oxtail simmered in red wine

grilled sirloin steak smothered with onions                         

                                                                                                   Vegetarian Dishes

                                                                                                                    available upon request ~ please inquire


Let’s Not Forget Joe

Joe’s dishes are served with Angel Hair Pasta

                                                                                             Joe’s  Sunday Gravy  $16.                     Ravioli  $14.                     Chicken Parmigiano  $18.  


                                                          Chicken fingers with fries   $7.       Cuban slider burgers (two)   $7.       Spaghetti & Meatballs $7.      


Cuban food is cooked fresh to order so please be patient!

“This Menu is on Cuban Time”


None of our dishes are prepared with peanut products, but PLEASE advise your server of any food allergies

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